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Omelet in a Bag~ The Ideal Camp Cooking Breakfast

Mornings at camp are magical. The air is still. The sounds of nature drift over the camp. Peace and quiet reigns supreme. While many of you, especially busy parents, would love to simply sit with your cup of coffee and take it all in breakfast still needs to be dealt with. Enter one of the tastiest, and easiest, camp breakfast we know. And the BEST part is that it works for even the pickiest eater!

The joys of omelet in a bag are many. Every member of the group can choose what ingredients they want in their omelet, there is only one pan to deal with and virtually zero clean-up, and there are no left-overs to contend with. All big pluses for life at camp.

Here is the super easy recipe that every camper will come to know and love. Part of the fun of this recipe is that once prep is done each camper, even children, can “prepare” their own omelet for cooking.

Omelet in a Bag

** This is a serving for one omelet/person. Simply multiple for the number of hungry campers you’re feeding **

Beyond this basic recipe, the possibilities are limited only by your tastes and imagination.


  1. Crack the eggs into a large resealable good quality freezer bag. Press out most of the air, and seal. Shake or squeeze to beat the eggs. Open the bag, and add the meat, cheese, green onion or shallot, green pepper, tomato, salsa, and mushrooms along with any other options. Squeeze out as much of the air as you can, and seal the bag.
  2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Place up to 8 bags at a time into the boiling water. Cook for exactly 13 minutes. Open the bag, and let the omelet roll out onto a plate. The omelet should roll out easily.

For a well-rounded breakfast just serve with a fruit salad and enjoy!

NOTE: It is essential to use a high-quality freezer bag. The thinner bags will often burst to leave you with a watery mess rather than breakfast.


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