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Closed for the 2023 Season. Opening Day is May 1st of 2024. Click Book Now to make reservations in 2024

Bountiful Amenities

We at Camp Coeur d’Alene love the fact that our location just seven miles from CDA, coupled with our beautiful forested setting bordering Wolf Lodge Bay is reason enough to come for a visit. But in addition, we also offer numerous amenities to keep all members of the family happy.

One of our favorite features is our complimentary pedal boats and canoe. These most popular watercraft are busy day and night with happy campers exploring the bay and heading out into beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene to fish or explore. Because of their ease of operation and steadiness, even a boat of youngsters have no problem maneuvering.

Second to the lake is surely our heated swimming pool. An unusual campground feature in Northern Idaho, the pool is a hit with young and old.

The camp kitchen is yet another popular spot. This group cooking facility is regularly full of diverse campers all communing together over a shared love of a good meal.

The laundry. Okay, so perhaps no one is exactly excited about doing laundry and yet, clothes do need to be cleaned! Having an on-site laundry facility that is open 24hours is just what busy road trippers need. We’ll spare you laundry room photos so as not to dampen your sunny mood!

Our playground is generally family center for visitors to the park. With an assortment of swings and forts, along with horseshoes and volleyball, it is always a joy to peak out of the office and see happy children running and playing.

Free firewood. This may be 100% unique to Camp Coeur D’Alene. The memories of sitting around an evening campfire playing cards, talking, or meeting the neighbors are exactly what we wish for and envision for our guests. At our camp, there is never any need to be concerned about running out of firewood.

More features are to come. Our store will be up and running for 2018, along with some fun new additions we’ll save for another post. Book before December 31 to receive 2017 prices and start making more family memories.

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